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Posts published in “Day: November 18, 2007”

The church page

Drawing your attention to our latest page, "At the churches," a list of major churches around the Pacific Northwest - primarily those called megachurches.

The idea is not that they're politically active (though some do have roles that relate to politics in various ways). More, the idea is that these churches are major contributors of ideas in our society, developers of world views that in turn come to influence voting patterns and political activity, even if only very indirectly. We've been quietly watching activity in this area for a while; in the weeks and months to come, you'll see somewhat more posts here on this subject. Consider this page an opening of marking of territory of interest.

Why Idaho Ds like Obama

Sometimes the reason partisans in a given area support a particular presidential candidate are clear enough, sometimes a little less obvious. Of the three Northwest states, Idaho offers the most educational instances of both with the evidently really decisive levels of support within each party for a particular candidate: former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney among Republicans, and Illinois Senator Barack Obama among Democrats.

The Romney connection is clear enough for several reasons, starting with the Mormon connection but moving on to other factors. The Obama support level, which seems very high among Idaho Democrats, has been a little less obvious.

But read a post on Red State Rebels and at least part of the reason comes clearer: "Many people support Senator Hillary Clinton for President because they believe she is strong, smart, and capable. I agree. Would she make a good President? I believe she would. Can she win? Maybe. But is the 2008 election strictly about taking back the White House? I humbly decry that it is not. The 2008 election is also about restoring hope to our nation and scoring victories here at home, in Idaho. I have been approached by scores of Democratic Party leaders across our state for nearly 8 months with increasing concerns, who are not scared of a Hillary Presidency, but of a Hillary candidacy and what a successful nomination would mean for our local and state-wide candidates running for office."

The post goes on to talk about Obama's positive qualities as well. But certainly not many Idaho Democrats are looking forward to the idea of running down-ballot from Hillary Clinton.