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Posts published in “Day: November 19, 2007”

Accumulation of

Irresistable news story lead of the day, from a report ut of Central Point by the Medford Mail-Tribune:

"Attempting to remedy what city officials say has been an ongoing code violation, former Mayor Rusty McGrath was cited for accumulation of junk on his Freeman Road property last week."

Write your own commentary on that one . . .

Presidential, fresh

We'll cop to having long ago had a bellyful of presidential come-to-town events: They are neither informative nor fun. Increasingly as campaigns have gone on, they have become wrapped in security and conditions and determination from candidates and campaigns to say absolutely nothing that might be in any way be damaging, which usually means saying nothing of any interest.

With that attitude firmly in hand, a piece in the Slog today came as refreshing. Posted by Ryan Jackson, it describes a Seattle Stranger reporter's first exposure to the presidential candidate come-to-town scene. Conclusion: "It was a weird kind of fun."

Okay. It seems that way. For a while.