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Posts published in “Day: November 15, 2007”

City Hall at Chavez

This sounds supernally clever: How can you possibly say Portland Latinos would be dissed by the failure to rename Interstate Avenue for Cesar Chavez, when the street to be named for him instead would be SW 4th - the street that runs right in front of City Hall?

It might well be an easy street to rename compared to many. There's no "name" identification to redo with a numbered street, and mail sent to SW 4th would still no doubt make its way to destination. At the same time, a renaming for the street on which City Hall sits can hardly be considered minor.

A neat solution. One would think. One will see.

Bulletin board

One of the things political blogs can do is to serve as a kind of community bulletin board. Mostly, blogs that do this - in Oregon, Blue Oregon and Oregon Catalyst both sort of do - are partisan, home for posts from one side of the fence. But there are other ways you can approach this, including throwing open the doors entirely.

Newspaper website logically can do this. The Pocatello Idaho State Journal has loosely done this with its politics blog, which includes material from the paper itself (including some of its editorials) but also opinion posts from far and wide. (Material from super-veteran Idahoan Perry Swisher often are found there.)

In a little more formalized format, the Boise Idaho Statesman is setting out to do that too, with announcement today (via Kevin Riechert's blog) of Talking Points, which will provide bulletin-board space for guest ops. The first batch up are posts from the state's congressional delegation, but we'll be interested to see how it's used in weeks to come.