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Posts published in “Day: November 14, 2007”


Josh Marquis

Josh Marquis

When we wrote on October 27 about the ballot issue to provide a salary supplement to the Clatsop County prosecutor, we suggested that the fairly well-known attorney - Josh Marquis - might get a pretty good reading from this vote of his real popularity in the county. After all, district attorneys are not often defeated for re-election absent some hot controversy, and Marquis' professional capability doesn't seem in question. Astoria has, after all, only so many attorneys.

The results are in. (Quick background: Many of Oregon's smaller counties provided supplements to the state-provided pay for their DAs; Marquis' was pulled because of a squabble with the county commission. The campaign over the ballot issue was heated.) But it's hard to know what to make of it.

Measure 4-123 appears to have gotten 6,596 favorable votes and 6,666 against: Losing by 70 votes.

Hmm. Not an overwhelming endorsement, but certainly no great rejection either. Marquis may be mulling on this for a while.

And in Florence

Just off the phone with a radio talk show on KCST-AM at Florence, Oregon, which is going through a mayoral recall election - another case of a group foisting the recall but unwilling to join in the conversation about it (in this case, declining entreaties to join the talk show about the recall).

The host noted this was the third recall election in the immediate area in recent years - not a good sign.

Their ballot deadline is in a few weeks. We'll see how this one does.