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Posts published in “Day: December 8, 2006”

Connelly on Barack

Well return shortly to the subject of presidential prospects in the Northwest, but a column out today is useful advance reading on the subject, Democratic branch.

Joel Connelly's Seattle Post Intelligencer column is headlined (web at least): "Run, Barack, run! Please" - a near-endorsement of Illinois Senator Barack Obama, along with useful comments about the strongly favorable (you could say more than that) response he got to recent visits to the Seattle area.

Send in any thoughts about presidential prospects in the Northwest, and we'll review the subject shortly.

Languages on offer

Among the many leading cultural indicators, add this one: Which ad how many non-English languages are on offer for teaching in local high schools?

Check the Seattle Times story today about schools in Snohomish County, where advanced Mandarin Chinese and advanced Japanese are available even in rural schools. Quoth one parent: "How many people speak German? French is supposed to be romantic, but the reality is, we need some Asian languages. That's where the future is."