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Almost 30 years ago today

This video (on the left)  was irresistible for several reasons, mostly personal. It was shot by a man named Robert Eller in the summer of 1988, as (he noted in his post on YouTube) he was headed home from a company picnic.

In the summer of 1988 I was living in Boise and was political editor of the Idaho Statesman at Boise, and just preparing to release my first book - Paradox Politics - and launch Ridenbaugh Press. In just another year and a half I would leave the Statesman and newspaper reporting and shortly after set up RP as my basic venue. A lot was just on the verge of happening ... as Boise was as you see it here.

A time warp, for me at least. - rs

A Supreme forum

There've been several forums for the four candidates for Idaho Supreme Court justice. This one was held at the Idaho Law & Justice Center at Boise.

Trump’s words

A good look at how Donald Trump uses the language - the method behind the madness.


Here's a good example of a well-crafted negative political spot.

As well as a good rundown of what Donald Trump's critics are talking about in their criticisms of "Trump University." Clear, compact, hard to rebut.


This is from the Bernie Sanders campaign, but the key part isn't Sanders (though the camera stays on him). He asks what it's like to live on $12,000 a year - and he gets some answers.