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The system works

So, he’s been convicted.  Sentencing to follow July 11.
Those nine words sum up Donald Trump’s future at the moment.  
Convicted 34 times on 34 felony counts.  The New York judge will have that basis to work with as he makes sentencing decisions.  
Then, regardless how this drama plays out, there’ll be more court cases on other charges – both state and federal.  Trump’s a long way from a jail cell.  If ever.  But, he’s likely to spend the next several years at the defendant’s table in several trials.  And, his legal bills will mount with each appearance.
There’s been a lot of discussion about how this conviction would affect the nation.  Conviction of a former President coming on the heels of national upset at the U.S. Supreme Court with Justice Alito – his questionable flag flying and Clarence Thomas’s various indiscretions.
Then, there’s the Congress which – of late – has been in continuous turmoil.  
All of us have been taught from birth there are three branches of government – the three-legged stool example.  Legislative.  Judicial.  Executive.  All working together to form the backbone of our nation.
Now, for the first time, all three of those entities are in turmoil at the same time.  Each wrestling with its own demons.  
The Alito-Thomas problems are internal to SCOTUS.  Whatever cleaning up of the court – if any – will be done internally.  Failing a code of conduct/ethics for the court, it’s hard to imagine whatever is done will have lasting effects.
As for Trump, he escapes one travail after another.  Though he faces still more trouble in other courts, it’s doubtful he’ll ultimately become a ward of the state.  
Prior to his conviction, he predicted Americans would stage national protests.  But, nothing’s happened.  Now, he says, if he’s jailed, the nation “won’t stand for it” and “there’ll be rioting in the streets.”   We’ll see.  Most people I know seem O.K. with the idea of jail time..
A “rump” group of eight Republican Senators has vowed to deep-six any Democrat-sponsored bills.  Speaker Johnson has vowed “vengeance” in the House – whatever that means.  
So, we’re assured more gridlock – more grandstanding by Republican members.  Action on “the people’s business” coming to a stop.
Possibly the most disappointing and alarming reactions – from people who should know better – involve threatened attacks on our national justice system.  Vows are being made to “overhaul” it.  Again, whatever that means.
Since the conviction, many in the GOP have responded like spoiled children.  Ignoring the criminal acts that Trump has committed, while heaping scorn on the courts, is hardly the reaction you’d expect from right-thinking adults.  But, it is what it is.  To our shame.
Trump was tried and convicted according to the laws of New York State.  He will be sentenced under those same laws.  All legal.  All in the public eye.  All based on sound evidence.
Republicans attacking the system and threatening retribution would be better off keeping their peace and accepting a jury’s verdict and an honorable judge’s sentencing.  
The system works.  
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