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Posts published in “Day: May 18, 2024”

Idaho Mother’s Day

Idaho laws are clear about being a mother in this state. So, on this Mother’s Day, let us be clear how we celebrate you.

It is simple.

We love you and cherish you. That is not in the laws, but maybe I am going out on a limb to state it is understood. Maybe we can all agree on that.

But any pregnancy you carry is clearly written in our laws. And such is the process of motherhood, isn’t it? There are women, and then there are mothers. Since we celebrate Mother’s Day in Idaho, any woman considering motherhood should know just what Idaho laws say to you.

The laws are multiple, confusing, contradictory, but ultimately clear if you believe our Idaho Supreme Court and Attorney General.

Let me summarize.

If you have a growing fetus in your womb, we Idahoans, by the laws we write, express our care for that fetus at your expense. The life you grow in your body is more valuable to this state than your health.

Maybe, if it comes down to the ultimate question, that your life will be lost for you to maintain your pregnancy, the state will allow you to save your life at the expense of the life growing inside you.

But if the condition of your pregnancy is a risk, or harm to your health, you are forbidden to terminate the condition of pregnancy, no matter the stage, no matter the circumstances.

I believe this strong prohibition has been written into Idaho law because so many conservative Republican legislators believe women kill their babies growing inside them for convenience, at their whim.

No legislator has considered or proposed a law to allow a woman carrying a malformed, doomed fetus to be terminated. If you, an Idaho woman find yourself in such a situation, Happy Idaho Mother’s Day.

You will be required to carry this fetus, this child to term and deliver it to die, maybe in your arms.

If your growing fetus was the result of a rape or incest, you may be allowed to terminate this process toward motherhood. But only if you have a police report on record that confirms these suspect allegations. Our legislators are sure women are always crying “rape” or “incest” for their convenience.

Such generous wiggle room in this motherhood process has been contested by my own State Senator. He’ll get reelected.

Happy Mother’s Day, Idaho women.