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Posts published in “Day: June 8, 2021”



The “fraudit” of our Arizona 2020 election ballots here in Maricopa County has taken an absolutely stunning turn.

Someone, possibly Republicans - or one Republican - in the Arizona Senate, have given a guy in Montana ALL our election our election data and it’s now at an “undisclosed location” in Montana! Nobody seems to know WHERE!

The newcomer is Ben Cotton of CyFIR (?) a subcontractor to the much-maligned - and deservedly so - Cyber Ninja outfit that’s “in charge” of its very first recount - more than two-million ballots.

Cotton got all the data that was supposed to be kept “under tight security” here in Phoenix while the fraudit was going on. And on. Somebody - not clear who - gave electronic copies of everything to Cotton who went straight to his car and drove to Montana.

His mailing address is a cabin about 20 miles out of Bigfork, 40 miles South of Kalispel, where he says he has a “secure lab.” He didn’t specify exactly what “secure lab” is or what “security” he has.

Now, if he copies, or furnishes copies to a third party, that’s where the real breach could come in. As for me, the fact that Cotton has the data already is a security breach in itself.

So, I have to ask, who the Hell is he?

We really don’t know. We actually wouldn’t have known this much if a former acting director from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission - acting as an accredited observer - hadn’t heard a rumor and tried to track it down.

All contractors - and there are many in this dangerous farce - have denied giving away our data. Nobody will fess-up to knowing where the data went or how it would be handled. And nobody - NOBODY - seems to know how this all came about.

My educated guess would be the culprit is Senator Karen Fann, head of the Senate Republican Majority which created this farce in the first place. She’s a tough ol’ bird who has successfully ducked most media during her infrequent trips to the counting floor. She’s my number one suspect

Cotton said he was keeping the data “secure” but offered no explanation or details. And, of course, the nut-cases in charge of this "fraudit" apparently didn’t ask any follow-up questions.

The fact is this: “security” of our election data in the hands of civilian contractors - with no previous experience - has been near to nothing. People - including media - have been wandering around the counting floor at various times. Now, copies of everything have been “given” to someone who packed his car and drove to the Montana wilderness. Security?

This whole dangerous “fraudit” thing has been out-of-control since the git-go. The word “security” is nearly meaningless. Arizona Republicans have hosted GOP’ers from other states. Legislators, mostly; more than a few from the far-right fringes of the Party. They’re talking replications of our recount disaster. God forbid!

Our ballots have been counted - then recounted - twice! Certified! We know who won. Maybe, more importantly, we know who lost, He did. The loser. And, nothing here is going to change that.

Those are facts! And, we’re certain of them. So, we have to ask again, “What the Hell is going on?”