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Pills and murder


Having survived a Ritalin/Zoloft cold-turkey withdrawal in my late 40s, let me tell you, this stuff, on it or getting off of it, is truly ugly.

After disobeying my doc’s orders and cutting myself off completely, for the ensuing 18 months ago I was dangerous to myself and others, could not suppress my suicidal, homicidal and paranoid thoughts, and was a horror to my closest friends as I medicated this misery with alcohol.

Strangely, neither I nor my friends correlated the two events, and not until the Columbine high school slayings, when it was revealed that both students had recently been weaned off Ritalin the previous year, that I made a tentative connexion to my own experience. Then the evidence began piling up as more and more of these teenage massacres occurred and were linked with either an addiction of withdrawal issue involving psychotropics, with Prozac, Ritalin and Zoloft the most frequent.

Cause & Effect? I’m neither that smart nor educated. But you can, in my case and these, certainly see an associative relationship so prevalent it cannot be ignored.

This article is about six years old, and some of its conspiracy theories are looney, but don’t discount their research on this associative relationship. At least there, so far as I can verify, they’re spot on.

(It’s tough to get answers about these killers’ meds, as it’s privileged by physician-patient confidentiality, but even though, there you have it. Somebody always talks.)

So my contribution to the twin horrors visited upon this past week is not about guns, not about the NRA, not about Trump’s boorishness, not about Obama, not about violence on TV, video games, or movies or the changing of the poles. 

This drug component is not easy to share with others, and mostly I don’t. Who wants to talk about his life’s most painful and, quite frankly, most embarrassing stage with anyone?

I go public with mine now. If it drives you to research this matter on your own, to begin to wonder about that mass-murderers may be the progeny of the prescription drug frenzy unleashed upon us by the AMA and Big Pharma, then this self-immolation will have been worth it.

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