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Posts published in “Day: July 5, 2015”

First take

That was a challenge, but it may pay off - well, in a lot of ways, surely already has . . . On June 5, a fire burned down four businesses in central Idaho City, a small and rustic (a proper present-day descriptor in this case) town that doesn't have but so many more than four businesses. This happened not far in advance of the 4th of July, which ordinarily is a big day for business and visiting in Idaho City. Would this be just a day of mourning? It turned out not. Some at least of the business owners had made a commitment to reopen at some point, and the Trading Post, which long has been one of Idaho City's larger businesses, did reopen just in time for the 4th - a cause for celebration, in addition to the national one. "Just to have people come and see that we're rebuilding ourselves and that we're moving forward I think that it's just wonderful," the Trading Post owner was quoted as saying. A path has been marked for the way back. Good luck.