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Posts published in “Day: July 5, 2011”

Carl Burke

A thanks here to Marc Johnson at Boise for taking note of the passing of Carl Burke, an event that didn't draw a lot of public attention but surely should have.

Read Johnson's piece on Burke. We'll add here not a lot more, other than that Burke was Senator Frank Church's closest political partner - other than Church's wife Bethine - for the three decades they were involved in politics. It started with both of them seeking to run, filing for the legislature in Idaho in 1952, and losing - this just four years before Church would run statewide and beat an incumbent Republican, Herman Welker. Surely there was a time when Burke, who was as skilled and polished as Church though in different ways, was also considering elective office. He might have done well had he pursued it.

As it was, he was one of the critical people behind Church's long political career, and never more than at the beginning, when the core believers around the young Boise attorney, who'd never won a political office, wasn't especially large. In later years, he was a fine interview - a very likable person. And, it should be noted, widely regarded as one of the best Idaho attorneys of his time.