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Posts published in “Day: February 3, 2010”

Not the speed, but the prep

New Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is getting some blowback for his batch out of out-of-the-chute decisions, coming in the days after he took office. He told the Seattle Times on Monday, "I think we came out probably — we did come out pushing a little bit too hard, too fast."

Those have to do with his intent to end or downgrade about 200 city jobs, a bond issue for a Puget Sound seawall (without a heads-up to the city council), and things.

A thought: The rightness or wrongness has nothing to do with an accelerated schedule. The complaints McGinn is getting how are on the substance, not the speed.

What's needed in terms of time is just enough to do your homework first. That may be what McGinn didn't do - a rookie's failure to recognize that there may be factors or layers to a situation that weren't initially appreciated. He may be getting some of that education now.