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The McDermott money

Jim McDermott

Jim McDermott

The Jim McDermott legal case is done, with McDermott’s payment of a $1 million court judgment to John Boehner, the House minority leader. (The suit had to do with Washington Representative McDermott’s release of a recording of an overheard phone conversation.) The case was a civil lawsuit between two private parties, meaning that Boehner legitimately could have pocketed the money. Instead, he said he will donate it to Republican candidates – which would seem to sting McDermott.

A Boehner spokesman was quoted, “I wouldn’t expect he’ll receive a lot of thank-yous come November.”

Maybe not, considering how appreciated an extra million will be to the various Republican campaign funds running hard-up this year.

Although and unless: McDermott, who has had a legal expense trust fund in place for the case (part of the money for the settlement came from it, the rest from his campaign treasury), could do a make-good by setting up another fund: One to counter the money he just game Boehner.

Just a thought.

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