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Posts published in “Day: July 4, 2007”


The Oregonian and Willamette Week, so often pacesetters in their arenas (we consider them generally the Northwest's best daily and alternative weekly newspapers), seem to have gotten themselves into a truly odd blind spot with their coverage of the business and related dealings of Senator Betsy Johnson.

The why of this gets harder to understand with time. Error in initial efforts is one thing, maybe excusable; ongoing errors, after attention repeatedly has been called to them, is something else.

The Loaded Orygun blog, which has done more error-calling on this - work that no mass medium has seen fit to do - than anyone else, on Tuesday posted another large corrective piece. It's recommended reading, and after reading it, you may be wondering just what it takes to get some of these vaunted organizations to admit to a mistake.

Sonic progression

There's nothing in the essential point of the Steve Kelley column in the Seattle Times today that a lot of people haven't been saying locally for months. Or sometimes in other media. But the Times has tended to be more diplomatic - coming off, maybe, as trusting.

Today, though: Kelley writes about the choice of a new head coach for the Seattle Sonics, and doesn't like it. In addition to other considerations, the selected coach has no real ties to Seattle, while the chief alternative had abundant local ties. Ordinarily not a big deal, this becomes a big consideration when the team's future - either in the Seattle area on one hand or in, say, Oklahoma City or Las Vegas on the other - is (to be generous) on the fence.

Kelley's lead paragraph: "We've been duped."