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Posts published in “Day: July 2, 2007”

Everyone’s welcome

Everyone else seems to be checking out, or posting, the blog ratings generated by Mingle2, which generates movie-style ratings for blog sites, based on the language found in them. So here's how we rate as of this morning:

Free Online Dating

Mingle2 - Free Online Dating

Same as some newspaper blogs, though we'd imagine quite a few of the more intense Northwest political blogs would rate an R. (Has the Stranger's Slog tried this yet? Might blow the Mingle2 circuits.)

We should note that a few days ago when we first tried out the rating system, we emerged with a PG.

Grant’s re-entry

Larry Grant

Larry Grant

The 2006 Democratic nominee for Idaho's 1st House district, Larry Grant, is formally back in. Grant for Congress has shot an e-mail this morning saying he has filed formal paperwork to that effect with the Federal Election Commission. (No link for the release, unfortunately.)

In normal cycles, we'd all be wondering at the early entry - nearly a year and a half till the 2008 general election. Not in this cycle, with primary opposition either in the field (Rand Lewis) or in development (Walt Minnick). And not with his counterparts in other districts, such as Democrat Darcy Burner in the Washington 8th, doing the same thing - on maybe an even more accelerated schedule.

What will all these campaigns look like when we get to October 2008?