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Vetoes a’plenty

Not sure what this means, whether good or bad. But it does seem noteowrthy that when Washington Governor Christine Gregoire got herself a Democratic-controlled legislature with which she worked relatively closely and appeared to get on well, and in a short and efficient session, she nonetheless kept her veto action highly active.

Not sure, as indicated, what this means. But she has so far vetoed or partially vetoed at least 23 pieces of legislation this year.

It was a wide range, too. Some are simply pieces of fiscal bills. But others are much broader. Here’s the list, taken from information on the governor’s website:

1439 Relating to electronic and web-based bidding. Signed / Partial Veto* 03/31/06
2381 Relating to allowing the reintroduction of beavers into the historic habitat of the species. Vetoed 03/28/06
2418 Relating to affordable housing. Signed / Partial Veto 03/30/06
2575 Relating to establishing a state health technology assessment program. Signed / Partial Veto 03/29/06
2673 Relating to creating the local infrastructure financing tool demonstration program. Signed / Partial Veto 03/23/06
2688 Relating to the law enforcement officers’ and fire fighters’ retirement system plan 1. Signed / Partial Veto 03/30/06
2973 Relating to creating a career and technical high school graduation option for students meeting state standards in fundamental academic content areas. Signed / Partial Veto 03/20/06
3079 Relating to health care services. Signed / Partial Veto 03/27/06
3115 Relating to establishing a foster parent critical support and retention program. Signed / Partial Veto 03/30/06
3127 Relating to education. Signed / Partial Veto 03/20/06
3159 Relating to the excise taxation of food products. Signed / Partial Veto 03/30/06
3261 Relating to strengthening the review process by the indeterminate sentence review board by adding two members to the board and allowing victims to provide input at board hearings involving offenders sentenced under RCW 9.94A.712. Signed / Partial Veto 03/29/06
6234 Relating to insurance fraud. Signed / Partial Veto 03/28/06
6241 Relating to transportation funding and appropriations. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/06
6330 Relating to the establishment of the Washington trade corps fellowship program. Vetoed* 03/31/06
6369 Relating to excise tax exemptions for water services provided by small water systems. Vetoed 03/29/06
6384 Relating to the capital budget. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/06
6386 Relating to fiscal matters. Signed / Partial Veto 03/31/06
6411 Relating to collective bargaining agreements. Vetoed 03/29/06
6412 Relating to superior court judges. Vetoed 03/29/06
6428 Relating to providing electronic product recycling through manufacturer financed opportunities. Signed / Partial Veto 03/24/06
6555 Relating to research and services for special purpose districts. Signed / Partial Veto 03/29/06
6781 Relating to environmental remediation. Vetoed 03/29/06

Busy, busy, even while a huge load of other bills were signed.

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