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Washington Public Affairs Digest

Look for yourself in this sample issue.

Now, here's how we describe it.

. We start out with thoughtful background and analysis of some of the most important developments of the last month (not necessarily the same as those which made the biggest headlines). All of this is available only here, through Ridenbaugh Press.

Excerpts. We continue with words from other people - some of the most enlightening, useful, important or provocative material about Idaho from the previous month. These are reports you probably haven't (and won't) see elsewhere, and that you may want to re-read.

Indicators. We take a look at some of the numerical and other hard indicators of what's going on in Washington - economic, political, social, environmental. We track the unemployment rates and the weather reports, and quite a bit more. Our report puts all this - which you usually get as random pieces of information - into perspective.

Topics. Next, we cover the waterfront in reviewing what happened in Washington in politics, in the federal, state and local governments, in the courts, in business and the economy, in the environment, in health, in education, in the culture - and more. We cover major developments in longer reports, and many others in short paragraphs that cut to the bottom line
. We track the major headlines to the arcane world of state and federal regulations. If it's important, we'll tell you. And we also tell you where you can learn more.

People. Who arrived and departed during the month? We track the comings and goings, the transitions and promotions and transfers, and the obituaries, of key Washingtonians. Who's been appointed to boards and commissions? Who's lobbying for whom? We'll tell you.
 The Digest isn't all process and policy: We keep you up to date on the people front, too.

Calendar. Finally, we give you the chronology - past and future, both what happened in the month behind and what's coming in the next couple of months.

There's more.

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