About the

Washington Public Affairs Digest

Here' s a curiosity: 

As your community and your region grow, as technology allows us more ways to keep on top of things . . . keeping on top of things gets a lot harder.

Information is scattered today - especially if you want to keep up with what's going on around your community and across your state. Newspapers are shrinking and cover less than they used to. Television covers accidents, house fires and the weather. Radio has been taken over by loud mouths. Loads of web sites and blogs are out there, but you'll drown in information if you try to make sense of it all.

And you'll probably miss a lot that you'll wish you hadn't.

That's where the Washington Public Affairs Digest
comes in.

We track it all - the news sources, the government agencies, the official documents, the corporate filings, the press releases,  the web sites, the blogs. 

From that mass of material, we boil down to the essence: We give you what you need to know about Washington once a month - and you're up to speed.


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