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April 2009                                                 A Ridenbaugh Press publication
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The Snake River Basin Adjudication 

The Snake River Basin Adjudication courtroom in Twin Falls, Idaho, has seen quite a few battles over the last few years, and is likely to see more before the largest adjudication in that state's history (and one of the largest ever in the United States) winds up, somewhere in the years ahead.  photo/Randy Stapilus

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Headlines Idaho Power, state settle              
April 2009              

The Idaho Power Company challenge to the terms of the 1984 Swan Falls agreement ended on March 25 when the company, together with state officials and others, agreed to a “reaffirmation” of the deal, with a few adjustments.

One quick result of the agreement was introduction in the Idaho Legislature, two days later, of Senate Bill 1169, aimed at locking the new framework agreement into place. The measure said the “Public Utilities Commission shall have no jurisdiction to consider in any proceeding, whether instituted before or after the effective date of this act, any issue as to whether any electric utility, including Idaho Power Company, should have or could have preserved, maintained or protected its water rights and hydroelectric generation in a manner inconsistent with the Framework Reaffirming the Swan Falls Settlement entered into by the Governor, Attorney General and the Idaho Power Company dated March 25, 2009.”

The measure had not progressed to hearing by month’s end.  The Idaho Legislature was expected to adjourn sometime in mid- to late April.

The agreement also is expected to be delivered to the Snake River Basin Adjudication court, which has been considering the Idaho Power challenge, soon.

Budget slices adjudication              
April 2009              

The state’s and nation’s ongoing economic crisis has impacted Idaho’s water adjudications, along with so much else.

A 4% budget recission measure (House Bill 61) cleared the Idaho House on a 68-1 vote, and it included a cut of $539,300 in the Idaho Department of Water Resources.

As of the end of February, budget activity—and much of the activity of the legislature generally—had slowed to a halt, partly because of rapidly-shifting economic conditions, and partly because of ongoing analysis of the just-passed federal stimulus package and its impact on Idaho.

The session was thought likely to extend well into April, and possibly into May, because of the uncertain budget and revenue picture.

On February 10, IDWR Director David Tuthill told the budget-writing Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee that the adjudications, Snake River and North Idaho, will continue on, but that cuts will slow them down.

He said that cuts in the department already have included 11 adjudication workers.


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    The Boise River (seen here northwest of the Idaho capital city) feeds one of the largest basins in the Snake River basin.
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