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It occurred to me that with this campaign, I’m asking you to hire me and to trust my judgment; so you should know who you’re hiring:

My husband and I moved to Carlton in 2004…we arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, along with three dogs and two cats.

We run a small publishing company: Ridenbaugh Press. Most of the books we publish are focused on Northwest history, government and politics. We also have a blog with a number of guest writers from the Pacific Northwest who focus on NW government and politics.

After over 20 years of involvement in dog rescue, specifically Australian Cattle Dogs (aka: Heelers, Dingos, Blue Heelers and Red Heelers) I’m trying to ease out. This will be my last year as president of the national ACD club’s rescue program.

I’m an unapologetic 4th generation Californian. I grew up in Mt. Lassen country…mostly on ranger stations in metropolises such as Coppervale, Susanville, Butte Meadows, and when I had to go to school, Chico and Red Bluff.

Learning “the cowboy way” from big brother. Coppervale, CA

I ran away from home to Idaho in 1971, and found myself with my eventual ex-husband in what was then the Idaho Primitive Area (now the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness). From 1971 to 1985, I cooked, managed, and helped out on pack & float trips at places like Big Creek, Mackay Bar, Chamberlain Basin, and Shepp Ranch, among others. Many of those places we “wintered in.” Communication was a short wave radio, supplies and mail arrived once a month by plane…depending on the weather and snow condition of the runways & the pilot was the only other person we saw for about six months.

After going back to college and graduating with a BA in Communication, I was editor and public information officer for the Idaho State Bar and Law Foundation, and then for the Office of the Idaho State Comptroller. That was my last “regular” job…I worked for one of the last statewide elected Democrats in Idaho.

I met Randy Stapilus in 1990. In 1996-97 we were able to take a little over a year to visit all of the lower 48 states, and then returned to Boise. In 2003 the decision was made that we needed a change and having visited Yamhill County a couple of decades earlier, I was pretty sure where we needed to go.

We both see Carlton as our last stop & our goal is that when we leave, we will have contributed to helping it gracefully navigate the growth challenges the city is currently facing.

Those are the basics. If you want to know more, ask me – but, I’d rather hear your story!

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