Facts are Facts

Since last Tuesday’s city council meeting, some folks have asked me why I didn’t respond to comments one of my fellow councilors made regarding my observations on the council’s journey to the newly presented plans for a new Carlton City Hall.

One reason is that campaign debates do not belong in the middle of a city council meeting.

Another is how the comments reminded me of the famous line from the early ‘60s show, Dragnet: “Just the facts, ma’am.” The facts the other council member recited are the same facts I delivered in my earlier written comments. Those facts are clear and can be verified by reviewing public documents and meeting minutes.

My perspective of those facts was just that: My perspective. I said: “The council voted to move forward with the design for the city hall.” My fellow councilor said: “The council voted to move forward with the design for the city hall.” No disagreement there.

However, I wasn’t comfortable with that vote and for me it tilted toward being a problem. Other councilors had no hesitation and felt it was a positive event. Subsequent events have convinced me that it wasn’t a good choice.

Many Carltonians have also found that progression disturbing and that is where our path diverges from the mayor and some of the City Councilors. Because apparently, the mayor, and some of the council don’t see a problem with non-elected staff making decisions about a building the city will have to get a loan to build, and that you and your children, should they choose to stay here, will be paying on for the next 40 years.

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