Why I’m running

When I filed for a seat on the Carlton City Council two years ago my plan was to push for some of the needs I’ve seen in the community since I moved here … and to work with a city government and city leaders who were effectively managing the city.

But two years ago turned out to be a period of transition, when a long-time mayor and long-time city manager both departed. Until then, Carlton’s city government may not have been perfect, but it worked.

It does not work today. Our city needs more responsive and dedicated elected leadership, and that is why I have decided to run for mayor.

More than in a long time, we face major decisions about the future of Carlton. Work on the upgrade and possible rerouting of Highway 47, a project that split the community after news about it emerged months after it should have. A proposal for a new city hall building, (now put on hold) costing more than we can afford. Proposals for massive new subdivision development without any consideration of what kind of development or under what conditions, is best for the people of Carlton.

The current city administration typically doles out information about these and other important subjects too little or too late, if at all. Too often, much of Carlton is kept in the dark.

Today, Carlton’s mayor does not lead. He defers nearly always to the city manager, who now in effect reports to no one – and so far this year his performance is not even being reviewed, as the city code requires (although there is apparently a “plan” being made…with the city manager’s input). The council is often kept uninformed and uninvolved in decision-making, to a degree I think many Carltonians would find surprising and maybe even shocking. The atmosphere in city hall, traditionally open and friendly, has begun to turn bitter and secretive.

As mayor, I will insist that the elected city officials, the mayor and council chosen by the voters of Carlton, set the tone and policy for city government. I will make sure that what is happening in city hall, and in the city, is told to the city – and I will listen to the people of Carlton to see their ideas and opinions are respected in the decisions their elected officials make. I will insist on a civil and courteous tone, so that no one is shut down.

In talking to folks as I’ve walked this city and talked with people in their homes over the last two years, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve heard your questions and concerns.

And as mayor I will be present, I will be responsible for my decisions, and I won’t call for a vote until I’m comfortable that your council has done the best it can to make an informed, thoughtful decision that accounts for citizens’ wishes.

Carlton needs a more transparent, responsive and effective city hall. That’s why I’ve filed to serve as the next mayor of this Great Little Town.

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