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Here's another report from Tuesday's election on a topic that wasn't much reported at the time, this one from the Daily Kos election sheet: "Yakima, a town of 91,000 residents in the agricultural part of central Washington state, is 41 percent Hispanic according to the 2010 Census. It, however, had previously never elected a Hispanic to its city council, in large part because all seven city council seats were elected at-large, essentially letting city's (mostly Republican) white voter majority pick all seven. The ACLU brought a lawsuit against Yakima under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, claiming that the at-large council system impermissibly diluted the Hispanic community's voting strength. In 2014, a federal court agreed, forcing the city to switch to a system of electing councilmembers by district. And lo and behold, in this year's elections, Yakima voters elected three councilors from the districts where the city's Hispanics are heavily concentrated." (photo)