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First take/WAholiday

So, you live in or near Washington state and you're looking at going somewhere in the region for a holiday. The Seattle Times is polling on three popular choices: Victorian Port Townsend, Bavarian Leavenworth, or Wild West Winthrop?

All three have real appeal. And I have to think that all three are well-known mostly just in the region (though Leavenworth partisans may argue that). I've been in all three, and punching the button didn't make for an easy choice.

Winthrop, in north-central Washington, is surely the least known of the three. Its theme, as noted, is the Wild West, and it's started some nifty work in setting up for it. Its location in the Methow Valley is plenty eye-catching too. But it isn't quite yet developed to the point of matching the other two.

Leavenworth may be the best known, and its Bavarian sheen is spectacular. It's in an out of the way location - the better part of a three-hour drive from Seattle - but definitely worth seeing. And especially appealing in the winter.

It's a close call, but I'd choose Port Townsend, because there's more to see and do, and simply more variety in the immediate area. The Victorian surface to much of the city grew naturally out of the community's history, and just exploring the downtown is a delight.

The poll takers went with Port Townsend too, about half of them.

But probably, you can't go wrong with any of the three. Good choices all. - rs