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Three to two

Among the many newspaper cutbacks and diminishments we've been seeing, here's one: The tri-weekly (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) McMinnville News-Register next month will become a bi-weekly (Wednesday, Saturday). And its page size will shrink somewhat, and the individual copy box price is expected to rise.

This may not be as sweeping as it sounds in impact on the readers. The Wednesday edition will be a beefed-up weekday edition, and the newshole (space for news stories) evidently won't be a lot less from where it has been.

But, this is a family-owned newspaper, owned by one of those families still genuinely dedicated to community service. To see this is to see the raw economy getting very raw.

58 days

A blog we'll be checking regularly: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's, recording what's happening there as the 60-day deadline - by which, either sale, closure or conversion to all-digital - approaches.

It seems to be focused on the paper's BigBlog, which has been around for a while. But what look like regular posts should make for some gripping reading.