Ridenbaugh Press’ Christmas special


Merry Christmas – and welcome to your opportunity to give the easiest gifts you can bestow this season.

In just one minute, you can give your favorite reader a unique gift they’ll see in no big box store – one that will keep on giving for months to come.

This year, Ridenbaugh Press’ 25th anniversary, we’re offering for the first time a special Christmas gift package of our books and our Briefings.

It starts November 27, and runs through December 24, but for delivery by Christmas you’ll want to order soon!

For $49.95 you can send a family member, friend, business associate (or yourself!) any two of Ridenbaugh Press’ current books, plus an Idaho, Oregon, or Washington Weekly Digest e-mail subscription – a value of more than $100 for a never-before low price of $49.95.

Select any two of our softcover books from our Book Store. You can choose from: the just-published New Editions by Steve Bagwell and Randy Stapilus, a unique, comprehensive reference to the Northwest’s newspapers; Without Compromise, the new and authoritative history of the Idaho State Police; Diamondfield, the startling new retelling – with brand new research and background – of the Diamondfield Jack murder case (a great read for Western history buffs); and our bestseller so far this year, Medimont Reflections by Chris Carlson – an insider’s memoirs of four decades in public life.

Or any of our other titles, all of which ordinarily cost from $15.95 to $18.95 each.


We want to make this a true “Northwest” gift, so the package also includes a subscription to our Weekly Briefings. You can specify a FULL YEAR subscription to ONE (the Idaho, Oregon, or Washington Weekly Briefing)- or a SPECIAL SIX-MONTH subscription for all three. It’s an unparalleled way to keep up with what’s going on in the Northwest. Annual subscriptions for each of these Briefings usually cost $58, or $29 for six months.

That’s two books of fine reading and a subscription that keeps on giving for months to come – a value of more than $100, for $49.95.

And with just two steps, you can get it done within the next minute:

First, click the Paypal button here to make the $49.95 payment.


Second, send an email to [email protected] Put “SPECIAL” in the subject line, and tell us which two books and which Briefing option (the Idaho, Oregon, Wasington Weekly Briefing for a year, or all 3 Briefings for six months) you’d like to send. Include the physical mailing address (for the books) and email address (for the Briefings). If you’d like a message included with the gift notice, you can tell us that here too.

That’s it. If you have any questions, write us at [email protected], or phone us at (208)484-0460.

And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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