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This space has often lamented the sad, sad state of the National Republican Party. Included in those oft-printed lamentations has been a statement explaining the importance of the need for a strong, viable balance to the National Democratic Party..

Forget it. Forget all that and just accept the fact that there presently is no viable, responsible second political party. None. Zero. Zip. Nada! It ain’t there, McGee.

Proof of such bad news was offered aplenty at National Republican Conference Committee earlier this year in Utah. Formal actions taken were enough to send whatever attending right-thinking Republicans there may be straight to the bar for a couple of shots of Old Grandad. Even in Utah.

Let’s consider nearly unanimous votes on just two issues.

In one, the crowd of cretins censured former Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger – the two Republicans who served on the very important January 6th Committee. Censured. Both of ’em. For no other reason than their membership on said committee which, incidentally, proved its worth nearly every day in the search for facts – and sponsorship – of that terrible attack on this nation.

Those two GOP’ers in the entire U.S. House of Representatives, who should be highly commended for taking on the detective work and the dangers to themselves, censured! By a bunch of crazies, dressed in their Sunday best, who think Sean Hannity is their “Great White Hope” come to “save them from the troubles of this world.”

Cheney and Kinzinger deserve hearty plaudits for their undertaking rather than being given a sentence of political “death” for their work. That the National Republican Conference Committee should kick these two to the curb like so much garbage indicates a death of brain matter we’ve long suspected.

But wait! There’s more!

Item number two. “Legitimate political discourse.” Sounds sorta important, only to be used in some kind of high political affair.

But, no, Virginia. The assembled Republican “deep thinkers” in Utah used those words to describe that January 6th assemblage that attacked and vandalized our nation’s Capitol! Yep, that’s what they did. Nearly unanimous it was, too. Loudly shouted!

If one is to take that official vote seriously – and that’s damned hard to do – World War II was just a case of misunderstanding, the results of which were simply an educational opportunity for all involved.

“Legitimate political discourse!” Who, in their right mind, could attach their names to a vote on an issue which has become part of the official Republican statement on the horrendous activities of January 6th?

“Right mind” – my Aunt Fannie!

If there’s to be an honest, valuable and necessary balance of our two national political parties, it seems those who agree with that tome must step away – run away – from what the GOP now represents.

While it’s easy to say, “Well, those national committee folk don’t speak for me,” the hard fact is, they do! And, those votes – irrational and wrong-headed as they are – now make those actions part of the official Republican Party theology. Which means a lot of Republicans seeking your vote in November will have subscribed to those words.

And, should you vote for them, you subscribe, too. Because the censure vote and the January 6th statement are now official positions of the GOP.

Speaking of the attack, anyone who thinks the January 6th Committee was just another waste of political time is not listening. While some of what those folks uncovered thus far remains secret, what has been revealed has shown planning and responsibility for the attack went straight to the Oval Office.

GOP voters, who’ve mostly ignored workings of the Party hierarchy in previous times, must now take what comes out of the Washington D.C. headquarters more seriously. Those votes in Utah mean your vote – your endorsement of all things Republican – is your acceptance of those actions.

Republicans who disagree with national positions, adopted at that Salt Lake City gathering, may want to surrender their membership cards and start thinking of a new affiliation. In a new Party.

Your country needs YOU!


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