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Posts published in “Day: October 5, 2020”

Karma’s a bitch


O.K.. The President has a solid case of COVID-19. He’s in the “Presidential Suite” at Walter Reed and getting far better care than anyone else on this planet. I understand. I got it.

But, fact is, he’s there by his own doing. He stayed at the bar too long and had one drink too many. For the last six months, he’s acted as if God personally assured him he was “indestructible.” God didn’t and he wasn’t.

Though his is, arguably, the worst presidency of the last hundred years - maybe 200 - I wish him no harm and a quick return to his elected duties. Same for the rest of the Trumpers on his totally ineffectual White House staff and his off-the-rails campaign offices. Good luck, folks.

As for those medical updates from Walter Reed and the White House, my feelings are the same as MSNBC anchor Brian Williams Friday evening: “We have reason to doubt any medical news coming out of this White House.”

I’ve read and listened to a few of those medical “updates” coming from Walter Reed staffers. They often raise more questions that they answer. Seems no one is going to level with us common folk.

Trump is the guy who hollered “wolf” one time too often. We’ve become numbed by the thousands and thousands of lies he’s spewed on us as well as his team of sycophants. We’re inured and look at anything stated by anyone associated with Trump as either distorted or a flat out lie. Over and over and over and over.

As millions of other Americans have survived the virus, so will Donald. He, like those millions of others, may survive but be hampered by continuing health problems for the rest of his life. Coronavirus is not something to screw around with. As he has done. As has been brought home to him in a most personal way.

We’ve all been warned of an “October surprise” in our political world. Well, we got a big one with Trump. And with a few others that couldn’t wait so they popped up in September. Like the New York Times opening some of Trump’s tax filings. And promising more. Like more women charging him with sexual assault. The total number of such filings must now be over 30 or so. Like the “debate” which showed us - at least in Trump World - watching reruns of “Jurassic Park” can be bad for your debate style.

Yep. We’ve had some doozies. And, with four weeks remaining until the in-person voting takes place, you can bet the farm there’ll be more. As for mail-in voting, its already started with millions more ballots coming.

I’m not worried about Trump padding around his taxpayer-provided naval suite. He’s got more medical staffers stumbling over themselves, the best doc’s in their respective fields and faces a bill when he checks out that you and I will pay. He’ll soon be back in the residence wing of the White House which, by the way, we also pay for. Donald’s going to be fine.

No, what worries me has nothing to do with his impending unemployment. My “thoughts and prayers” are with the millions of other Coronavirus victims - those who’ve died and those who have the disease and who are likely to find their lives changed for the worse from here on.

And with the uninsured COVID-19 sufferers who face outrageous medical bills that’ll likely force many into bankruptcy. Some will lose their homes. Many more may have no jobs to go back to. Family units and other personal relationships that existed before infection may not be there when they’re discharged. It’ll be a much different world for the millions of Americans who’ve had those worlds turned upside-down.

We’re going to see a much-changed medical system as well. COVID-19, and it’s dangerous new relatives that keep morphing, are not going away. If you listen closely to Dr. Fauci and his cohorts at CDC, they’re unable to predict an “end time” for any of these viruses. Nor can they say when - if ever - we’ll have a sufficient number of vaccines for all people for all viruses. Their statements - backed up by medical training and years of experience - have become more pointed and, often, directly contradict what comes out of the White House. To them, we’re in for a very long fight to get on top of Coronavirus.

My “thoughts and prayers” are also with children being sacrificed on the altar of education. Idaho, alone, has recorded some 600 positives among students - that we know of. How many more have to get sick or die? Across the country, we’re seeing Coronavirus testing showing positives in district after district after district. Additionally, many districts are not making cases known. Not reporting them. Why? These results aren’t just numbers. They’re lives! Children’s lives!

Check professional sports these days. At least two NFL teams have cancelled games, stopped field practices and sent coaches and players home. Major league baseball has made many changes as one player after another reports in sick. But, “by God, my kid is back in school.”

Here, in Arizona, our Trump-wannabe-governor has thrown out all restrictions just like the other Trump wannabe in Florida. Everything’s open. Snuggle in to your favorite bistro, belly up to the bar and order away. Good times are here again! Not. We’re watching another wave of infections and deaths. Numbers are going up. More “medical” decisions made by politicians. Deadly decisions.

No, I’m not worried about “the Donald.” His run for re-election may be over but, health-wise, he’ll be home soon.

It’s all the others who’ve been sickened - or died - because of COVID-19. The ones with no access to the Walter Reed hospitals of the world. Victims of the same virus as Trump but who can’t have that kind of care. The ones who’ve died alone at home because they feared the high costs of doctors and hospitals. The ones who’ll suffer lifelong, lingering effects because they got the virus.

Unlike those millions who’ve suffered - or died - in this pandemic, Donald J. Trump, protected by the best possible environment, pushed his luck one time too many and got smacked. Unlike many of those millions of others, he loudly - and proudly - refused to take the best medical advice given to him by some of the most highly-qualified doctors in the nation.

Just a few days ago, when talking about Coronavirus, Trump said “It is what it is.” Well, so’s karma. It is what it is. And, like the virus, it doesn’t give a damn who you are.

Welcome to our world, Donald. Have a seat.