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Posts published in “Day: June 10, 2020”

It didn’t have to be this way


The world has reached a grim milestone. More than 400,000 have died from Covid-19, and more than 100,000 of the dead are from the United States.


We have only 5% of the world's population but one-quarter of the world's deaths.

Never forget that we, the richest, most powerful nation in the word, had the time to get it right. We saw what was happening in Asia and Europe and received warnings aplenty. We had time to procure necessary equipment, arrange for adequate testing and tracing, require physical distancing and implement other preventive measures, all of which could have saved thousands of lives.

But tragically, our pig-headed president called it a "hoax," ignored scientific experts, conjectured that the disease would "magically disappear," offered witch-doctor cures, and demanded the nation prematurely re-open for business all because he wanted to ride a once-booming economy to re-election.

And to this day, Trump continues to pit state against state in a scenario that has all the trappings of the Hunger Games. Of course, the states don't have the wherewithal to uniformly and successfully address the pandemic; that requires a national response, and such a response is the responsibility of the federal government. Against all reason, Trump refuses to acknowledge or accept that responsibility. It's easier, after all, to blame others when things aren't going well. And make no mistake about it; things are going very, very badly.

Mr. President, the economy ain't booming and thousands of Americans continue to become ill and die because of your inaction, indifference, and ineptitude. You seem never to understand that public health and economic vitality are inextricably bound; by ignoring the former, you have also devastated the latter. Your tiny little hands are soaked in blood. You are an abomination.

Never forget that it didn't have to be this way.