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My apologies


I owe each of you my most sincere personal and professional apologies.

A week ago in this space, I urged everyone to contact Republicans in Congress, giving each one a dose of reality surrounding the need for impeachment. A mission to give them facts they never get from Faux Neus and the other demented far-right mouthpieces.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. But, that was before the latest House Judiciary Committee hearings. Before one of the GOPer’s told a law professor she obviously wasn’t interested in “facts.” That was before several other miscreants publically showed their extreme ignorance of both truth and reality.

The mission I suggested earlier was based on a sincere belief on my part that maybe there would be some Republicans who would respond to factual information of the criminal acts which Donald Trump and his minions have committed. It’s become increasingly clear, any attempts to bring legitimate, factual data into their corrupted worlds would be useless.

Again, I’m deeply sorry I brought the whole thing up. Making my bonehead idea even worse has been the release, in the interim, of the deeply factual and superbly documented report of the House Intelligence Committee.

Though damning enough to put a rope around Trump’s neck, subsequent utterings of dozens of Republicans have shown statements of fact, professionally compiled research, cross-referenced documentation and pinpoint statutes of laws violated aren’t acceptable. The massive accumulation of proof of wrongdoing doesn’t match the output of Faux Neus and the other “reliable” sources of “information” they cling to.

Thus, no amount of reality could penetrate the fog of near-hysteria many of those people live in. The earth is flat. Men and dinosaurs lived at the same time. The earth is only about 10,000 years old. Ectopic pregnancies can be reversed. Climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Why can’t the rest of us just accept that?

Every person serving in Congress – every one – takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Before the upcoming impeachment trial in the Senate, all members will be required to take a second oath, pledging to act as jurors with open minds. All of them. All 100.

Based on the hard evidence of documented statements by some of those eventual “jurors,” we know for a fact some Senators will lie through their teeth. Facts be damned!

Even the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee has said he won’t read the reports, won’t review the evidence and won’t watch the hearings which he’s repeatedly labeled a “sham.”

Fair trial? Adherence to the two oaths taken by all Senators to “uphold the Constitution” and, as jurors, decide the issue before them on the facts? The evidence? Undertake the task with “open minds?” Ya think?

We’re living in a time when too many of those who make the laws won’t follow the law. Where those charged with leading this nation, making our country safe, providing necessary care for the poor, assuring equality regardless of race or other factors, determining fair and equitable taxation and sponsoring “domestic tranquility” make mockeries of the oaths taken before God and man on open Bibles.

We daily note the lies, distractions, hypocrisy and determined ignorance of too many of the same people we elected to do all that. We’re made to feel, in our “heart of hearts,” governance by responsible public servants has been replaced by an out-of-control Congress filled with tribalism and “faith in false prophets” subverting truth and honor.

My previous attempt in this space to bring enlightenment to unenlightened Republicans living in factual darkness was a fool’s errand. Too many are wrongfully dedicated to avoiding reality, to following the “herd,” to continuing to support the most flawed president in our history.

To that last point, if Democrats can ultimately get themselves fully aligned behind an acceptable candidate, and work the electoral process as professionals seeking a common goal, Trump won’t be there for Republicans to cling to in 13 months. What happens then? Where do his sycophants turn for continued protection from reality? What will be their futures?

One would hope – one would pray – that their numbers eventually decrease to be replaced by new faces with new ideas to rebuild a political party necessary to re-balance our political process. At our house, we’re doing both – hoping and praying.

So, again, my apologies for my past attempt to bring light where there is only dedicated darkness. I was wrong.

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