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Idaho Weekly Briefing – the campaign


Local and regional journalism is in financial trouble and under attack from critics. That means we’re all in trouble. Do you know what your elected officials are doing? If you don’t know, how can you keep them accountable? Studies are showing that governments are less efficient and more corrupt when the people see less of what they’re doing. And the same applies to other kinds of organizations.

For people in Idaho, The Idaho Weekly Briefing helps. We have been reporting about Idaho’s governments, business and other organizations, and the demographic and other changes sweeping the state, for many years. Our reports and analysis, some original and some curated from source documents, are packaged in an e-magazine 40 to 50 pages in length. Easy to scan quickly or read in depth.

I’m Randy Stapilus, editor and publisher. I’ve been reporting about Idaho for more than 40 years, as a newspaper editor and reporter, writing about a dozen books and editing periodicals about the state. My weekly column runs in newspapers serving Boise to Twin Falls, Lewiston, Pocatello and beyond.

The Idaho Weekly Briefing is read by legislators, activists, government and business leaders, and interested citizens, has always been sustained by subscription fees. We’re launching this campaign to make the Weekly Briefing free of charge, freely available, through e-mail or download. No paywall, no ads, no subsidiary income stream.

We need $6,000 to underwrite the next year’s Briefings – just enough keep the Briefing going free-access, for 52 issues.

But we hope to go beyond that, to continue into the future … and to make the Briefing more than it is now. We want to add more features, news and investigative articles from writers around the state, mid-week updates, and much more. The more funding we receive, the more we can do.

As another organizer on IndieGoGo said about their effort, “This campaign is about so much more than money. It’s about community – because success requires a huge backing of people who believe that it’s possible, and want to be a force in making it happen.”

We see the Idaho Weekly Briefing is a prototype. If we can make it work in Idaho … with you as a contributor as well as a supporter … it could inspire more efforts around the country. We want to be a part of that, and I’m asking you to become a part of it too.

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