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Forget about the Infowars conspiracy nonsense. That’s just there to pull in the easily entertained and credulous, to rev up the emotions of the market segment Alex Jones is really aiming for.

That would be the people headed for the store.

The Infowars store is where the action is. Hawking oddball conspiracies doesn’t bring in the bucks that’s made Jones a handsome living. For that, look to the store, which is not at all hard to find.

Here’s some of what I found when I checked it out a few days ago.

There’s 50% off Bodease, “whole body support.” And ProstaGuard for $24.95.

Last I looked you could get 25% off SuperSilver, the wound dressing gel, now at only $29.95. Survival Shield X-2 (a dietary supplement) goes for $29.95.

There’s “the Real Red Pill” (remember the Matrix?) no only $39.95.
The Ultimate Krill Oil is $4.95.

Just the ticket for gearing up the apocalypse scheduled for, oh, day after tomorrow or so.

And Alex recommends plenty more (the place is an incipient

Infowars stickers, at only $2.95, and car magnets for $7.95 ($2 off the earlier price), and the attractive Infowars tumbler at $28. Don’t forget the T-shirts, one of which is an explicit support sign for Donald Trump re-election in 2020 (“Re-elect 45”).

He’ll sell you a shower filter (ProPur Antique) for $89.95. And there are some larger items too. For $3,495, he’ll sell you a “Harvest Right Large Freeze Dryer” (includes plastic bags and oxygen absorbers).

There are several books on sale, as you might expect, but actually not many – surprisingly few for a site ostensibly trading in “information.” Maybe the Infowars audience isn’t exactly a book-reading crowd.

But you will find a series of “alternative comics” – Alt-Hero. From the description: “If you grew up on the exciting stories of comic companies like Marvel, DC, Darkhorse and more, you’re likely dissapointed in the comics of today. Filled with excessive social justice, uninteresting stories, constant character changes and focusing on movies instead of readers, the world of comics isn’t near as good as it used to be. That’s why Vox Day stepped in to create Alt-Hero, an exciting new kickstarted comic book series to challenge the SJW-converged comics of DC and Marvel. … As the superpowered Homo Sequens and heroes continue to pursue justice, the threats around them – and the potential dangers of government overreach – only grow stronger.”

And, taking a lesson from airlines and credit cards, “we worked hard to create a program that rewards you for purchasing your favorite high quality products from our store – Patriot Points!” You get more of them the more you buy.

Say this much for Alex Jones: He has figured out how to build a business model.

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