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Posts published in “Day: April 18, 2018”



It is an old gambit if there are many candidates for the same public office. One has to figure out how to separate themselves from the others.

Some use gimmicks like inflatable dragons. Others campaign with a country music or a rock ‘n roll band. Some hand out pens or hot pads. Still others make outrageous statements.

Such was the case last week with State Senator Bob Nonini (R-3rd)who is one seven faceless, obscure candidates running for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor. Speaking in Moscow to an anti-abortion gathering, Nonini gave them more red meat than any reasonable person should.

In a beyond the pale statement Nonini said any woman who had an abortion should be executed and any one aiding and abetting should be imprisoned. No if’s, and’s or but’s; no exemptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother. Really, Senator?

If you really believe that, Senator, shouldn’t the guy that got the gal pregnant also be executed? I mean, it takes two to tango without taking protective steps or are you one of those who thinks the woman bears all the responsibility?

Last time I checked, Senator, there are more women voters than men and I think your incredibly absurd statement may have cost you 95% of the Republican female vote even in your home county.

Yes, life begins at conception. And yes government has an obligation to protect life. And yes abortion is deplorable, immoral and a sin. And yes it is wrong and tragic but you should know by now that legislatures cannot pass legislation that covers every contingency. Beginning of life and end of life decisions are intensely personal and private. They should be left in the hands of the family most especially the woman whose body is involved.

You see abortion as murder of the child in the womb. The law does not agree. To propose another murder as the “solution” is just borderline insane. It is not a responsible response.

You have succeeded in separating yourself from the pack, as you desired. However, most voters I’m willing to bet will not mark the ballots for someone that argues “eye for an eye.” You in all probability disqualified yourself. Consider withdrawing.