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Posts published in “Day: March 18, 2018”

Idaho Briefing – March 19

This is a summary of a few items in the Idaho Weekly Briefing for March 19. Interested in subscribing? Send us a note at

As the Idaho legislative session moved toward adjournment – possibly this next week, more likely the week following – a series of large rallies and protests hit the Idaho statehouse. They did not, however, appear to much change the course of legislation.

Idaho’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for January was 3 percent – the fifth consecutive month at this rate following the benchmarking of 2017 estimates.

Senator Jim Risch on March 16 introduced legislation to make it less burdensome for non-federal entities, like irrigation districts, to obtain the title for Reclamation projects they operate and have repaid. The Reclamation Title Transfer Act of 2018 would simplify the title transfer process by authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to facilitate uncomplicated transfers for qualifying entities.

Mild weather so far means more young deer and elk are surviving this winter, which will likely grow herds and produce more game for big game hunters next fall.

February marks the fourth consecutive month that General Fund receipts have topped their forecasts. They were $166.1 million this month, which exceeded the expected $121.8 million by $44.3 million (36.3%).

Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra on March 12 called for a greater investment in the safety of Idaho’s students through a new initiative, announced today, focused on increasing support to Idaho’s schools.

Senators Mike Crapo and Jon Tester (D-Mont.) are leading a group of bipartisan Senators to demand the VA take action to hold Health Net, the contractor that helps run the Choice Program, accountable for its “frustrating and completely avoidable” customer service problems and late payments to community providers.

Close the Gap Idaho joined hundreds of Idahoans rallying at the Statehouse to ask legislators to take action to narrow the health coverage gap. Doctors and medical professionals, faith groups, and Idahoans in the coverage gap, converged on the Statehouse to make their voices heard.

PHOTO In a week that saw several large rallies at the Idaho Statehouse, one of the largest was the high school-based rally calling for restrictions on gun sales and proliferation. (image/IdahoEdNews)