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Posts published in “Day: January 15, 2018”

What the hell happened?


I suppose anyone who uses the freedom of the press to opine about this and that - and about anything and anyone - comes to a moment when what’s truly angering the writer has to come out. I’m there.

When others notice changes in your speech, personality and other mannerisms - when your spouse does - when you do - there needs to be a period of introspection to sort things out. Again, I’m there.

Something that might be trivial or even unnoticed by someone else has lit my fuse. Again. And it’s forced me to wonder aloud - very aloud - “What the Hell has happened to my country?”

I said what brings this anger is very small. Here it is. You judge.

It’s well known our Arizona Congressman Trent Franks had to quit midterm because of sexual proclivities that didn't include his wife. Another wanted congressional poster on the wall of sexual assaults. He’s gone.

So, now we have an impending local district Republican primary. Two candidates have announced and put up large - and expensive - banners on every prominent corner they can find.

Across the top of the political pornography for one political huckster there’s large blue lettering: "WAS WITH TRUMP EARLY - WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP N0W." Damn!

But, it’s the other guy’s printed obscenity that makes my gut wretch. His is inscribed across the top in large letters: "ENDORSED BY TRENT FRANKS & JOE ARPAIO."

That’s our choice. A Republican primary and those are what we must chose between. One, who ignorantly publicizes his love and affection for the most ignorant, racist, reckless and ill-informed resident of the White House in our history. And the other proudly flouting the political embrace of a disgraced member of Congress, forced out of Congress on morals charges and another guy who’s a twice convicted felon!

What the Hell do we do? Not vote? Vote for someone dumb enough and stupid enough to tell us he idolizes the worst, most contemptible president we’ve ever had? Or, the other guy, flaunting his support of that disgraced politician and a former sheriff convicted once for civil rights violations and a second time for ignoring our American court system?

Adding to the irony - and my angst - that former sheriff is running for the U.S. Senate. As a Republican, you betcha!

And there’s more. Today’s web pages of several major news outlets. On one, Trump and his “shithole” outburst figure into seven - SEVEN - front page links. On another site, five. “Stories” involving the public, disgusting utterances of our chief executive. And several other “stories” of his lies and journalistic attempts to get to the truth.

Another “story” - CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. - of his blatant lies about our new American embassy in London and his refusing an invitation to participate in it’s opening because “Obama did it.” Untrue. But there he is. Again. And again and again and again. What do we have to do to get rid of this guy before he blows up the country?

While this cretin holds the national media’s attention, his Cabinet of millionaires is gutting our government from the top down. Neutering our State Department. Revoking policies, laws and even treaties put in place for the protection and enhancement of this country by previous presidents and congresses. Environment, education, worker safety, food/public health programs for millions of Americans, opening pristine, protected places to drilling, fracking and excavation. What the Hell has happened to my country?

Longing for a better time’s not the answer. Though I do. Trying to shut it out won’t work. But I try. Ignoring all the chaos and corrupting influences and going about my life might help. But I can’t. Any more than you. These bastards came to power because too many people cast ballots in ignorance or wanted national change but didn’t want the same “change” and were sold a bill of goods. Money drowned out informed, patriotic expression. Lies and damn lies passed off as truth to good people buying political snake oil.

Our nation - our society - got here through slow rot. As long as house payments and the bank loans on pickups and RVs were being made, too many of us tuned out and left the work of staying informed and involved to others. Unedited “social” media, Internet-connected loners and foreign political interference all contributed. So did acceptance of a coarser society that made it possible for a president to befoul important meetings with language grossly unfit for such.

What the Hell has happened to my country? Do you find yourself asking that? How do you feel about passing all this on to your children and their children? We think of our own earlier lives with loving memories but will your heirs have their own?

Nearly all developed nations in our world progress, offer today’s living enhancements to their citizens, exhibit national safeguards against unwanted influences while maintaining a standard of living to be proud of. They’re proactive and nurturing - accepting change while valuing traditional norms that have existed for centuries.

Can we say the same? Can we say - with a full heart - we’re proud of what we’ve become as one of the leading nation’s in the world? Is the country now stronger, more productive, happier and a place we want to give to our offspring? I can’t say “Yes.”

What the Hell has happened to OUR country?