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At Rediscovered Books

Author events are nothing unusual at Rediscovered Books in downtown Boise, but so many authors present for a single one – a dozen to use the most limiting count – was something a little different.

The event went well. Visitors to the shop were handed a “passport” and encouraged to visit each of the authors and get their signature; a discount on book purchase prices were the store’s reward.

The roster of Ridenbaugh Press authors at the event was large – half of the dozen. They included (on the front row here) Randy Stapilus and Mike Blackbird, and (on the back row) Stephen Hartgen, Hal Bunderson, Rod Gramer and Martin Peterson. Former Supreme Court justice Jim Jones, whose column appears on, was there, as was congressional candidate David Leroy.

The store pronounced itself pleased with the event, and there’s potential for another something like it down the road. We’ll keep you posted. – rs

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