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Trump 23: The nihilist


Notice how, when things don’t go Donald Trump’s way, his response usually involves furious destructiveness?

It’s happening in epic style as this is written, as the polling has gone decisively against him, media reports are frequent but overwhelmingly bad news, and his critics (such as Republican politicians and abuse victims, two categories that do overlap) continue to multiply in number.

Trump, apparently having shaken off the last influence from his handlers, said he is free of the “shackles” and can campaign as he wants. That involves spreading doubt about the veracity of American elections, warning of extreme dangers if his opponent wins demanding a drug test before the next debate, hashing women who have accused him of sexual assault, and an ongoing string of bizarre moves.

All of that is bad enough. But what would a four-year-old’s tirade look like in the West Wing? How many people might suffer or die because the Donald didn’t get his way that day? – rs

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