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Trump 43: Welcome to dystopia


When your mayor speaks about your city, you expect them to talk it up – what a great place it is to live in, to do business in, to recreate in. That’s normal. It’s part of the job. Same thing for governors and their states.

And presidents and their countries.

In his debate Monday night with Hillary Clinton, presidential nominee Donald Trump called the United States “a third world country.”

As he did at his party’s convention, he described it as a horrific center of violence, an economic hellhole. A terrible, terrible place. And he went on this way, at length. It was not a passing comment but a central thread to his message.

To be clear here: Another part of running for president is to enumerate problems that the country does have, and talk about answers for them. Trump did enumerate some problems – usually in overwrought, almost hysterical terms. He missed many, many others. And he offered actual solutions for nearly none. When asked how he would redress certain problems (such as, near the beginning of the debate, bringing back to America jobs which have been offshored), he comes up with nothing. Nothing.

What we’re left with is a vision of dystopia and hopelessness – and not only for now, but for the course of a Trump presidency.

I wouldn’t vote for a person to be president of a local stamp collectors club if he had a comparable attitude about stamps, the collectors, or the club. It would just be counter productive.

If they want to protest the existence of a stamp club from outside, fine. But send them out the door – or, in this case, into the loser’s column on election day. – rs

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