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Trump 44: More nukes


I’ll return to the subject of Donald Trump and the usage of Amerian nuclear weapons – about which, his core attitude seems to be, if you have ’em, why not use ’em? – a little later. But that’s not the only nuclear-related subject that ought to serve as a presidential disqualifier.

The other one is: Maybe a bunch of other countries ought to have them too.

A number of countries do, of course, and the spread of nuclear arsenals over the decades generally has been seen as a serious problem. The United States has been opposed to that expansion since the Truman Administration, back when the United States did have a nuclear monopoly. Most American presidents, including Barack Obama, have taken steps to try to control the further spread of nuclear weaponry, especially into the hands of terrorists.

Trump, who professes to a fascination (which sounds as if it borders on the unhealthy) with nuclear weapons, remarked, It’s not like, gee whiz, nobody has them.”

He said that at an April 3 Fox News interview, and also said this: “In many ways, and I say this, in many ways, the world is changing. Right now, you have Pakistan and you have North Korea and you have China and you have Russia and you have India and you have the United States and many other countries have nukes.”

Two months later, Trump told CNN this: “I am prepared to — if they’re not going to take care of us properly, we cannot afford to be the military and the police for the world. We are, right now, the police for the entire world. We are policing the entire world.

“You know, when people look at our military and they say, “Oh, wow, that’s fantastic,” they have many, many times — you know, we spend many times what any other country spends on the military. But it’s not really for us. We’re defending other countries.

“So all I’m saying is this: they have to pay. And you know what? I’m prepared to walk, and if they have to defend themselves against North Korea, where you have a maniac over there, in my opinion, if they don’t — if they don’t take care of us properly, if they don’t respect us enough to take care of us properly, then you know what’s going to have to happen, Wolf? It’s very simple. They’re going to have to defend themselves.”

These are among the kind of comments that have led scores of Republican, not to say Democratic, foreign affairs and defense specialists to warn that under no circumstances can Donald Trump become president – lest this country face danger like it has not faces since the tensest times in the Cold War. – rs

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