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Trump 46: Health care demolition


Generally I try to avoid on this list items which come down to policy judgments. People of good will, and similarly presidential candidates, may disagree about some of these items.

But can people of good will really disagree about the wisdom of abruptly throwing 20 million people off health insurance? Donald Trump has proposed exactly that, saying he would move to demolish the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as soon as he became president. Plenty of people, including many other Republicans, agree.

But think for a moment before you do that. The effect of doing that would be to throw 20 million people off health insurance, and upend the country’s health infrastructure for years to come.

This is not to argue that the ACA is perfect and can’t improved. Of course it can, and no less than Barack Obama has made that case.

But 20 million people deliberately and swiftly thrown off health insurance. Preseisting conditions or – hell, any reason at all – for dropping health coverage will return.

How is that helping or protecting the people of the United States? Or even – since for some politicians the well-being of businesses matter when that of individuals does not – what does that do to the economic and financial side of health care in the United States? Health insurers and providers spent years adjusting to the ACA; imagine the chaos if they have to adjust virtually overnight to going back to what was. And what was, for millions of people, was no great bargain. To put it mildly. – rs

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