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Posts published in “Day: August 18, 2016”

What kind of Oregon government?


A panelist for DHM research shared some polling results with me that DHM shares with it’s panelists.

The takeaway is this. A strong plurality of Oregonians say that Oregon needs to go in a more conservative direction. Not conservative mind you just a more conservative direction. This in spite of a 38% to 29% Democratic voter registration edge in Oregon.

Trouble for Governor Brown?

Governor Brown is known to be one of the more liberal members in Democratic leadership. so this could signal trouble. If you assume that those that believe Oregon should head in a more conservative direction are voting or leaning Dr. Bud Pierce for Governor, then Pierce only needs to win one third of the “neither” crowd to win the Governor race.

However that’s easier said than done.

It’s probable that many “neither” voters are Democrats or Democratic leaners happy with the status quo but who don’t want a further leftward drift. So how can Dr. Pierce attract these voters who prefer liberal leaning policies?

He can argue that a more fiscally conservative Pierce administration would act as a “centrist” financial check on a Democratic Party that already holds power in both houses, while voting for Governor Brown would take Oregon even further left by allowing the Democrats to continue their practice of totally ignoring the Republicans and rural Oregon.

In the 1990’s Governor Kitzhaber was faced with a Republican Legislature and he earned the nickname of Dr. No for his frequent use of the veto. A Pierce governorship could be the second coming of Dr. No. using his veto, or threat of veto, to force bi-partisan legislation.

Many Oregonians, and voters nationwide, believe the Democrats and Republicans don’t talk and compromise enough. The “Neither” crowd may appreciate a more fiscally conservative Governor who will force Democrats to build legislative coalitions in order to make their bills veto proof. As long as he can convince the moderately liberal voters that he will not reverse the entire progressive agenda.

Trump 83: Explaining Trump . . .


This isn't quite in the category of one of the international crisis disqualifiers from presidency that Donald Trump has in such abundance. And admittedly, as a non-parent, it doesn't hit home for me personally the way it will for many other people - the parent-people among us.

I don't have to exercise a lot of imagination, though, to come up with this scenario:

Donald Trump has done or said something outrageous again, possibly followed by more outrage from some of his camp followers. Which outrage it is doesn't matter for this purpose. But like so many others, it is captured by video cameras, and turns up on television or on a computer screen in the family's living room.

And when the five-year-old in the house inquires of a parent about the language, ideas and actions of this famous man on the screen - or maybe, depending on how things go in November, the President of the United States - just how does this parent try to explain what the child sees?

There's the next generation coming up, folks - and what they're absorbing about what matters in how we relate to each other.

The only honest answer to that five year asking about that president or presidential candidate is the honest truth: You may already be too mature to become president of the United States. - rs