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Posts published in “Day: July 14, 2016”

Looking toward Cleveland


There’s an old song that goes: Once to every person and nation comes the moment to decide - in the struggle for truth and justice---for the good or evil side. It ends with an exhortation: Twist that darkness into light!

Long-time readers know that on several occasions I have cited the 19th century Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, who wrote a brilliant essay entitled “The fallacy of the either/or.” His thesis is that there are very few either/or’s in life, that life is too nuanced, there are too many ambiguities and variables at play for most any proposition to be reduced down to a simple black or white, yes or no.

It appears though that the nation, as well as voters are approaching one of those rare moments, that we’re standing on the edge of a precipice looking deep into a canyon of regression, rampant racism, fear, chauvinistic nationalism, self-glorification, and greed.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear - Donald Trump is borderline insane. There is no way he should be the GOP nominee for President. An essay by Richard North Patterson, entitled “Too Sick to Lead: The Lethal Personality Disorder of Donald Trump,” which appeared in the Huffington Post, should be required reading for every American.

It recounts in excruciating detail calls made over a number of years to various media outlets by a thinly disguised Donald Trump masquerading as Trump’s press agent and calling himself John Miller. As the press flak Trump brags about his sexual prowess, the movie stars panting to be in his bed. He brags about his success as a businessman, his athletic exploits.

It is positively sick and absolutely disgusting. It disqualifies him in every sense of the word. This goes so far beyond excessive narcissism and ego-mania.

One session between “Miller” and a media outlet was recorded and is unmistakably Trump’s voice. Trump denies it is his voice and says it is a voice imitator, and that there are hundreds out there trying to capitalize. Only problem is this was in the 90’s when few knew who Trump was and also was before his television show.

Somehow this was just a one-day story with little follow up by other media.

All of this is known to the GOP’s national leadership. The irony is what also is known is that the Republicans are on the cusp of the trifecta they have long sought - control of the Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House - if they nominate someone besides Trump.

All through the primary season polls consistently indicated Ohio Governor John Kasich, for example, would defeat Hillary Clinton in a head to head race. It is clear that many Democrats even are not happy with Mrs. Clinton as their stand-bearer. Her astronomically high “cannot be trusted” number has GOP consultants salivating.

These “beltway bandits” firmly believe just about any Republican horse, except Trump’s, can defeat the presumptive Democratic nominee. Many D’s share the fear.

Thus, there are those praying that a solid majority of the GOP delegates will see their historic time has come and will stand up to demand that their nominee be considered morally upstanding and a person of high character, something Trump decidedly is not.

They hopefully hear their fellow Americans begging they be given a choice and a real shot at taking the White House. A viewer will be able to tell if something is afoot if on the first roll call of the states one sees the Alaska and Alabama delegations scrambling around with no one initially taking the mic to be recognized by the chair.

If Republican delegates do not step up to this “once to every person and nation” moment, shame on them. It will then be incumbent on every voter to understand the risks associated with having a borderline sanity case in the White House are unacceptable.

Regardless of party one will have to examine their conscience, recognize the imperative of standing up for values, people and character and vote accordingly. The darkness has to be twisted into light!