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First Take/Trump ban

As I write this, the parliament of Great Britain is debating a proposal to ban Donald Trump, the front-running Republican candidate for president of the United States, from their country.

Across the pond, he has been called “a buffoon” and “poisonous,” and even a “wazzock” (“a stupid or annoying person”). They’re not fans.

Jack Dromey, a leading minister for the Labour Party, said “I don’t think Donald Trump should be allowed within 1,000 miles of our shore.” Another MP said, “I draw the line at freedom of speech when it imports a violent ideology.” That’s a definition of Trump growing up now in a number of quarters.

This was not simply the result of a few MPs playing politics. It happened because a million citizens signed petitions asking for the ban; under British law, Parliament had to consider the idea. (Might something like that be a good idea for us too?) So it represents the views of a lot of constituents.

All of this has generated some debate over on our shores. What if, for example, Trump actually won the presidency?

And then there’s the whole idea of banning people, which ought to give all of us pause. On Facebook, one friend remarked a few hours ago, “And while I find this funny, it’s not the right precedent to set for develop worlds to ban loud mouth jackasses from their country. I find it better to have very strong freedom of speech protections so that when those loud mouth jackasses start spewing vitriol we others have the freedom to call them out for what they really are.”

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