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First take/questions

During watching the Democratic presidential debate last night, only a few days after watching the Republican, the point emerged: The questions asked of these guys are drastically different.

To a certain point this makes sense, because some questions are specific to individual candidates, or to things one candidate said about another. Not all questions are transferable.

A lot of them should be, though. Questions about a lot of topics raised in one debate never made it over to the other, which allows for the two parties to run campaigns in two entirely different worlds, entirely different bubbles.

This is one of the problems with our current politics: We’re not talking about the same things, using the same base of facts (or getting them challenged when need be, not well enough). Candidate-specific questions removed, I’d like to see the questions asked at the two debates, in future face office, flipped to the other party. Talking directly to each other, and listening, might be a lot more useful to us all than more of this talking past each other. – rs

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