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Posts published in “Day: December 21, 2015”



When, unless you were in the Armed Services, were you ever "COMMANDED" to do anything?

I don't think even bully policemen use such phraseology.

But when a biped who managed his or her way through law school, then sucked up to enough political turds to become a Federal - or might one say, Feral - Judge, is allowed to COMMAND(ED) our behaviour, something is wrong.

Weather un-permitting, to show up and testify at a Federal Hearing in which one does not have a dog in the fight and for this, one is recompensed the federally-ordered princely sum of $20 per day, disregarding gasoline, oil, tire wear and the major trauma of driving 120 miles through an Idaho blizzard to comply.

Civic duty my ass.

Coupla rich bastards suing some other rich bastards, and I have to be a witness for them?

For $2.50 an hour?

I tried to beg off, given the weather and the 20-year-old nature of our car, but such was not to be.

It would inconvenience the $500-an-hour lawyers who flew in to Spokane the night before and whined about the 30 miles of flat roads they had to endure in their knock-new and fully or doubly reimbursed rental cars from the airport to their comfy hotel rooms?

As meantime we were scraping ice off the windshield and shoveling snow just to get out of the driveway, just hoping not to die on Fourth of July Pass courtesy of some relocated Californian in his or her brand-new 4-wheel drive, which we all know are invincible in Idaho weather.

Does this invasion of my sentient human rights make me a Tea Partier? No. Those poor people have been duped into thinking that anything Idaho does affects the Constitution of the United States. Gun control? Abortion? And an Idaho takeover of federal forest lands – as if you could pay for it. Nope. Talk to your federal Congressman. Meanwhile, let your school children starve until God provides. Shame on you.

Does it make me a Republican? Nope, for the reasons listed above. You Rs became one and the same with the Toilet Paper party. Cowards, the lot of you.

Does it make me a Democrat? Even a Shoshone County, Idaho Democrat? Nope. You back a national party that would shut down mining, logging and any other leg-up a working person might need. Your magical minimum wage stunt has just created computers to replace them and now all those hopeful kids are out of work. Splendid effort on behalf of the working man.

So who's left? Ronald Dump with his hair-trigger on the nuke button? No way, no matter how much Putin likes him.

Sure looking for advice here. Meantime, I don't need no stinking lawyer-judges.

First take/e-sessions

In conversation this morning with KLIX radio host Bill Colley, he raised the concept of online legislative sessions. Interesting thought.

Technologically, there's no reason it couldn't be done. (The changes that would be needed to accommodate it would be in rule and law.) You could go so far as to have all the legislators for a given state - in Idaho, the 105 - meeting by way of Skype or some similar method. Votes could be cast online. The public could sign in to watch. Legislators could even attend from their homes, though meeting places like city halls or county courthouses could also be designated.

Lobbyists probably would hate it because there'd be no effective way to schmooze. And lot of legislators, recalling how often personal relationships are in the legislative process, likely wouldn't much care for it either.

That might be a reasonable answer, one day, in the case of special sessions and the like. It's another tool to think about. But it may be a while from arriving. - rs