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First take/winter

About a month ago meteorologists around the Northwest, and California, started generating news stories about how this might be a wet and somewhat warmer winter, at least in the northern states.

There was this quote from Mike Halpert, the deputy director at the NOAA Climate Prediction Center: “A strong El Niño is in place and should exert a strong influence over our weather this winter,” said . “While temperature and precipitation impacts associated with El Niño are favored, El Niño is not the only player. Cold-air outbreaks and snow storms will likely occur at times this winter. However, the frequency, number and intensity of these events cannot be predicted on a seasonal timescale.”

It’s certainly working out that way so far, at least as far as the precip is concerned.

The last few weeks have been as consistently rainy as the previous half-year had been dry. If this keeps up, the region may be better positioned for next year than it has for the last few. California’s drought is so deep at this point that even a very wet winter won’t wholly fix the problem there, but the Northwest may get a breather.

If the wet continues. – rs (photo)

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