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Posts published in November 2015

First take/debate

Is this new debate over the debates just another example of the internal battles among Republicans? You would have thought that a debate structure overseen by the national Republican Party would have been acceptable enough to the candidates running for the presidential nomination of the party. But the discontent among candidates now has boiled over. All but two of the 14 candidates, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina, sent representatives (mostly campaign managers) to the meeting. Whether it will amount to anything is unclear, but a few ideas floated sounded good enough: Requiring that all future debates be available for online streaming, for example, and maybe splitting up the candidates into two theoretically equal groups of seven each, rather than the current "adult table/kids table" approach. Whatever the specifics, the optics are less than good: Looks like another revolt, insurgency, civil war among Republicans who just can't get enough of that stuff. - rs