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First take/presidential

Hmm. Maybe time again to buy a little stock in the Donald. Consider the situation, as it stands a few hours before the next Republican presidential debate (tonight). Polling – the most recent available, anyway – shows Donald Trump and Ben Carson close to co-sharing a lead in the primary contest, in the mid-to upper 20s, with Trump probably a little ahead. But that’s before the last week of sour Carson headlines over his background (not to mention the likelihood of more to come) have had a chance to settle in; those are not likely to crater his candidacy, but they are apt to take some of the juice out of his rise, and set him up for a rougher patch. Next rung down, most of the buzz is about Marco Rubio, with a fast-growing number of news items about him; the guess here is that he’s next to experience the media microscope, with possibly difficult results. Trump may be the beneficiary of all this. For the moment anyway. – rs

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