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First take/election

The top executive office on the ballot in the Northwest on Tuesday was that of mayor of Boise, and a piece of the city’s history was made there: David Bieter was elected to a fourth term in the job, something no one has done before (or even tried, for that matter), since the terms have been four years long. There was no loss in overall popularity, either, since he won with more than two-thirds of the vote, a strong supermajority, and had a well-known opponent (Judy Peavey-Derr), who has run for and often won offices in the area for a couple of decades. There’s been a good deal of talk that he might be gearing up for a governor’s race in 2018, and this election result is unlikely to coll that discussion. Still, there’s a big difference between a Democratic-leaning city of Boise and Idaho taken as a whole. In the larger picture, election day didn’t change an enormous amount around the region. The Seattle City Council seemed to be more or less status quo. The peculiar ballot issue in Coos County that purports to give the sheriff remarkable authorities he can’t have, the region’s premier bit of electoral zany, would be striking but for the fact that it will be swiftly shot down in court if serious usage is attempted. It was another low-turnout election day. – rs (Note: This item corrected the nature of the record; James A. Pinney won election as mayor five times, but the terms were then two years in length, so Bieter and Eardley both have surpassed Pinneys tenure in office by two years.)

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